Wedding in Manitou Springs

Terry in Brett’s wedding in the mountains outside of Colorado Springs could not have been more beautiful.  They had each detail to perfection and were surrounded by the love and family and friends on their wedding day.  One detail that I thought was so sweet was that Terry carried a bible that members of her family have been carrying at weddings for generations and that included all their signatures and wedding dates.  What a fabulous way to feel connected to your complete family tree.  It was an honor to photograph their wedding.  Here is a tiny sample of some favorites so far!Denver Wedding Photographers_0268 Denver Wedding Photographers_0269 Denver Wedding Photographers_0270 Denver Wedding Photographers_0271 Denver Wedding Photographers_0272 Denver Wedding Photographers_0273 Denver Wedding Photographers_0274 Denver Wedding Photographers_0275 Denver Wedding Photographers_0276 Denver Wedding Photographers_0277 Denver Wedding Photographers_0278



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