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People will tell you that your wedding day is the best of your life.

I never believed that.

It seemed like a fun party, it seemed like a chance to celebrate a happy occasion. . . but the BEST day of your life?

There are so many best days-

the cool fall day when the maple trees were painting the world red, orange and purple and you played tag until your mother called you over with warm apple cider that tickled your tongue and thawed your fingers

the day you were first given permission to take the car out on your own and you got behind the wheel of a car and drove down country roads, blarring music, daring yourself to get lost

the day you stood beneath the ceiling of the Sistine chapel and thought of all the people who had stood where you were standing, for centuries looking up, in awe

the night you pulled your blankets onto the sticky August grass, in a pile of cousins, and giggles and grandma’s chocolate cookies and told secrets while the fireflies danced around you

the day your grandfather told you that your accomplishment on that day made it worth for him to live that long

the day it snowed so hard that your skis floated across the powder and you felt like you were flying

the day your college friends and you piled into a car and drove to a party in a field, in a place you could never find again, and laughed and danced until your bare feet were covered in grass stains and your face was pink from the hot May sunshine

the day you sat next to him, by a river, sharing a cold beer and he smiled at you and you thought, “could it really be this easy, this right?”  And you said yes

Those days, those were the best days

And what makes your wedding day the BEST of all, is that all those people who made up all your happiest moments, and who helped you through the not so happy ones, they are all in one place at one moment.  Your parents, your college roommates, your Aunt Rachel, your best friend from 3rd grade, your sister, your cousins, your neighbors. . . all those memories, all at once.

All your best days are gathered- for the two of you- on this one day.

And it’s the best.


Melissa and Ethan were married at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Portland and had their wedding reception at The World Forestry Center- those are the facts- but the photos tell more than that. . . a wedding day full of love and laughter and so much happiness.  What an incredible wedding to get to witness at photograph.  How beautiful to see the light shining through the windows at St. Patrick’s as they exchanged their vows, and how moving to hear one of the brides’ dearest friend’s singing Ave Maria during the ceremony.

The reception at The World Forestry Center was so much fun- including a Bollywood dance with the bride and her friends breaking it down.  Adorable!
Wishing these two all the happiness in the world- they are off to a good start :)  Here’s a few of our favorite wedding photos from the day.World Forestry Center Reception Portland Bluebell-27 Bluebell-41 Bluebell-98 Bluebell-204 Bluebell-288 Bluebell-311Wedding at St. Patrick's Cathedral Portland OregonWorld Forestry Center Wedding Reception Bluebell-555 Bluebell-634 Bluebell-679 Bluebell-714 Bluebell-741

These two are getting married at Springhill Pavilion this summer.  They are funny and silly and this was one fun engagement session all around the snowy hills of Bozeman.


winter engagement photos

Engagement session Engagement session Engagement session Engagement session Engagement session Engagement session Engagement sessionI lived in Bozeman for many years, started my photography business there and head back a few times each year.  My business partner, Cathy Copp holds down the fort in Bozeman- meets with Montana couples and takes engagement session when I’m not there.  Her insanely talented work is showcased here.

Portland Engagment Photographer Weddings_0023

I got to take Melissa and Ethan’s engagement photos this past weekend in Sellwood Riverfront park in Southeast Portland.  I love the tall trees and the river access at this beautiful park.  I have known that this would be a beautiful spot for wedding or engagement photos but haven’t gotten a chance to photograph their until this past weekend.


The weather was sun mixed with mist mixed with a good downpour, and these two seasoned Portlanders weren’t phased by it- so it made from some really beautiful light, laughter and in the end, some really fun engagement photos.


Thank you Ethan and Melissa for choosing me as your photographer and here’s a few favorites from the session!  I can’t wait for your wedding.

Portland Engagment Photographer Weddings_0025

Portland Engagment Photographer Weddings_0032 Portland Engagment Photographer Weddings_0029 Portland Engagment Photographer Weddings_0015

Portland Engagment Photographer Weddings_0016 Portland Engagment Photographer Weddings_0019 Portland Engagment Photographer Weddings_0020 Portland Engagment Photographer Weddings_0021 Portland Engagment Photographer Weddings_0022
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